Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recycle Denim Jeans ... Potholders

RECYCLE those old Jeans instead of Tossing them away!

Turn an old pair of jeans into potholders. The jean pockets are ready to go as an easy sewing project. Easy sewing for older kids. Straight stitching is a great way to learn how to use a sewing maching & Potholders make a great gift.

1.Find a pair of old jeans. "Holey" jeans ready for the trash?

2.Cut two 10 inch squares around each pocket, with the pocket as close to the center of the square as possible.

3.Cut out two 10 inch squares in fabric to match the denim squares of from legs of the jeans.

4.For the insulation layer, use two layers of thick wool batting cut to equal squares, or use heat resistant insulated material specifically for potholder. Usually can find at any Fabric store.

5.For each potholder, assemble the three square layers of denim, insulation, fabric. Align the insulation squares with the fabric square, with the wrong side of the fabric touching the insulation. Pin in place. Align this pinned piece with the denim square, with the right side of the denim touching the fabric piece. Pin in place.

6.With a ½ inch seam allowance, stitch three sides of each pot holder.

7.Turn inside out and press. Topstitch the remaining side closed. Repeat for other potholder.

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  1. How adorable!! Denim material is so thick, this is so clever.