Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to Make Silly Putty

Home Made Silly Putty!

Who doesn’t remember playing with silly putty as a kid? Make some at home for hours of fun for your child! It’s simple and saves money from store bought toys!

Food coloring (whatever color your child chooses)
2 tablespoons Borax
2 tablespoons White glue
2 tablespoons Water
Mixing Bowl

In a large mixing bowl, stir together glue, water, and food coloring.
Once fully mixed, add in the Borax and knead thoroughly.
Let sit for a few minutes.
Your homemade silly putty is ready to play with!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Finger Friends Kids Craft

Adorable "Finger Friends" Hand Puppets

Make a new friend with this adorable creation. The finger friend is a fun and exciting adventure you can have with your kids. It's easy for young preschoolers as well.

• STYROFOAM : 2‐ 1" or 1‐1/2" balls & 1‐ block (optional)

• 1‐ 3" piece of Pipe Cleaner
• 1‐ pair wiggle eyes
• Craft paint brush
• Felt scraps
• Craft materials such as eyelash curls, pom‐poms, yarn
• Scissors
• Craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks
• Wooden skewers or toothpicks

1. If desired, paint balls of STYROFOAM. Push a skewer into the balls to hold while painting; place skewers in a block of foam to hold while balls dry.

2. Shape 3" piece of chenille stem into a "U". Dip ends in glue and insert U shape into 2 balls so U shape will slip under the wearer's middle finger while the two balls sit on top of the hand to form the puppet's eyes. (1" balls work best for smaller hands.)

3. Cut felt shapes for eyes; glue wiggle eyes to felt or attach wiggle eyes directly on plastic foam balls. Glue on other features such as pom‐poms and eyelash curls, or felt ears and eyelids.

4. Dab glue onto foam and use a skewer to push materials such as yarn into the foam for hair. Insert chenille stems into foam for antennae or eye lashes. For antennae, gently curve chenille stems and glue pom‐poms onto the tips of shaped chenille stems; dip in glue and insert into foam.

5. Modify the finger puppet instructions to create a finger friend that resembles your school mascot, favorite pet or other character. Buttons, sequins or glitter are other objects that might inspire your creativity.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colorful Tissue Paper Frames Kids Craft

Colorful Frames that the Kids can Make as Gifts

Use inexpensive tissue paper to decoupage STYROFOAM frames with lots of color. Kids can create their own designs and give to family and friends as Handmade Gifts.


• STYROFOAM: 1 Sheet, 1/2" x 12" x 36" sheet (makes five square or four cathedral frames)
• Art tissue paper: square frame: pink, red, light and dark values of yellow, orange, and green; cathedral frame: yellow, red, orange, purple, peace/love print
• Coordinating cardstock: square frame: 5" square; cathedral frame: 5" x 6‐1/2"
•Satin decoupage medium... Modge Podge works well
•3/4" flat‐foam paintbrush
•Serrated knife
•Candle stub or paraffin
•Tack cloth
•Wax paper
•Small plastic disposable containers
•Glues: white craft; acid‐free stick; low‐temp glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Square Frame
1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Using pattern, cut frame (including photo opening) from foam sheet, along with a 2" x 5" easel back. Sand cut edges with a scrap piece of foam until smooth; wipe with a tack cloth.

2. Apply a coat of decoupage medium over entire foam frame and easel back. Place on wax paper to dry.

3. Tear light value of each tissue paper color (except red) into small pieces no larger than 2" square. Brush decoupage medium onto frame and randomly apply torn tissue paper, smoothing out any wrinkles. Continue overlapping pieces until completely covered and then apply a topcoat of decoupage medium. Repeat to cover easel back with tissue paper. Let dry.

4. Using flower patterns, cut or tear multiple flower centers, petals, and leaves from tissue paper as indicated. Hint: Fanfold paper before cutting or tearing to produce several shapes at once. Refer to photo to apply six‐petal flowers with decoupage medium onto opposite corners of frame, using three to seven layers of flower centers and petals until desired color is achieved. Combine yellow centers with orange petals for one flower and orange centers with red petals for remaining flower. Let dry.

5. Apply two additional coats of decoupage medium to frame and stand, letting dry after each coat.

6. Position photo behind frame and trace around opening with a pencil. Trim photo, leaving a 1/4" border beyond penciled outline. Then trim cardstock 1/4" larger than photo. Mount photo centered on cardstock with glue stick. Using white craft glue, adhere cardstock to back of frame with photo centered in opening.

7. Glue easel back horizontally to back of frame, letting it rest at an angle 3/4"‐1" from bottom.

Cathedral Frame
8. Follow instructions for Square Frame with the following modifications. Substitute a 2" x 6" easel back. Apply each solid color of tissue paper to foam frame and easel back. Omit flowers and add love/peace prints, strategically placing them for maximum appeal.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keep Kids Busy with a Bird Note Holder Craft

Birds of a Feather

This trendy little feathered bird can hold your grocery list or a personal note to someone special. In only six steps ... make this feathered friend a useful friend. Adorable homemade gift for an "office person" at Christmas time.

• Acrylic paints, colors of choice
• Coordinating craft foam circles, 3/8", two
• Craft feathers, colors of choice
• Wiggle eyes, 1/4", two
• Black string or elastic cord (optional)
• Wooden spring‐type clothespin
•Serrated plastic knife
•Wooden skewer
•Round paintbrush
•Disposable palette
•Water basin
•Paper towels
•Low‐temp glue gun and glue sticks
•Thick, white craft glue

(Note: Some adult supervision required; read instructions before beginning. Adults only should handle the serrated knife.)

Use serrated plastic knife to cut thin slice on a slight angle from narrow end of foam egg; this will be neck. If desired, cut thin slice from one side of egg so body will sit flat.

Use glue gun to glue clothespin to neck area for head/beak; open end should be at front of bird. Refer to photo.

Insert skewer into bottom of bird to use as handle. Holding skewer, paint entire bird color of choice; place in heavy glass or jar to dry. Remove skewer.

Use skewer to poke tiny holes into each side of body for two to four feathers. Apply dot of glue to hole and push tip of feather into it.

Glue two craft foam circles to opposite sides of clothespin as shown for eyes; glue wiggle eyes to foam. Be sure not to glue clothespin closed. Let dry completely.

Tie string to wire spring for hanging birds. Insert message into beak.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Place Mats for the Kids to make

Keep the kids busy while you are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Using leaves, paper bags, paints and a few other materials you can create this gorgeous fall leaf place mat. This is a great kids craft for them to work on.


Fallen leaves or silk leaves from craft store
Paper grocery bags
Glue sticks
Washable tempera paint
Clear contact paper

On a pleasant autumn day, you and your children can gather a variety of fallen leaves. When inside, cut paper grocery bags into 8-inch-by-11-inch rectangles for your preschooler and school-age child. Your children can then glue leaves onto these homemade place mats or lightly paint a leaf and press the imprint onto them. When the finished place mats are dry, cover them with clear contact paper and trim the excess.

Monday, November 23, 2009

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