Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plarn Plastic Grocery Bag Keeper

Grocery Bag Keeper from Grocery Bag Plarn!

This is an adorable Crochet Pattern using "Plarn". (Plastic Grocery bag yarn)

See how to make Plarn


"This project was crocheted using plastic bags made into plarn along with one strand of some fingering weight yarn I had to add color. You just crochet holding the plarn and the yarn together. I then trimmed the top and bottom edges using just the fingering yarn. I also used the fingering yarn to make the ties for the bag as shown. This project was a request for a teal or turquoise bag holder and since I can’t really find that color of plastic bags to recycle, I added this yarn that I got at a garage sale for just 25 cents. Anyway using regular yarn along with recycled plastic bags is a great way to add color and spice up those boring white bags. "

Click here to see this pattern

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  1. Clever ways to use old jeans and grocery bags. Love your easy to follow directions for your great projects. Fun blog site.