Saturday, September 11, 2010

Doily Decoration for the Holidays

Crochet Doily Bowls by handmadeintheusa

"Back in the day" I made these as home decor but I would use my hand crocheted doilies.
Now I have discovered that you can buy inexpensive ones at the Dollar stores or find very nice ones at yard sales or thrift stores. If you want Holiday decorations, choose color ones. These are beautiful for small custard cups, larger serving bowls or as candle holders using votives or candles in a glass container.

So lets begin...

Crochet doily (select size to fit custard cup, bowl or glass candle holder)
Glass custard cup, bowl or glass candle holder
Waxed paper
Plastic wrap
Plastic bag
Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener™ or Liquid StarchRubber band (to fit around custard cup or bowl)

Place waxed paper on work surface. Turn cup or bowl upside down and cover with plastic warp.

Pour stiffener or liquid starch into plastic bag. Place doily in bag and squeeze bag to saturate doily. Remove doily, squeezing out excess stiffener as you remove from bag.

Place doily over inverted cup and stretch to form and shape evenly. Place rubber band around top of cup to form crisp folded edge.
(This will create the rim of the bowl.) Allow to dry overnight. Remove from bowl and discard plastic wrap.

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