Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homemade Topsey Turvey Planter with Plastic Bottles!

Homemade Topsy Turveys with plastic Bottles
Learn how to make a homemade upside down planter of your own. A homemade upside down planter can save you money over the television bought ones. You can use items that you already have around the house to make them.

You can buy buckets with lids for cheaper than the planters sold on television.

Materials Needed for a Two Liter Bottle Topsy Turvy

Two Liter Bottle. If you don't drink sodas or other items that come in a two liter bottle, have someone you know who does save theirs for you. If they ask you why you want them, explain what you are going to do with them. If they ask for a couple, make them for the person saving the plastic bottles for you. This way you are giving back something in return for their trouble.

NOTE: The large juice bottles can be used instead of the two litter bottles if you have them instead.

Potting Soil. You will need a large enough bag for the amount of upside down hangers you are making.

String, Wire or Fishing Line. Any type of item that you can use to hang the two liter bottle with will work.

Washers. A few small washers will be needed for the area where the holes are punched for draining; mainly along the area where the plant will be hanging from. A few large washers will be needed for the plant opening and the holes at the top where the hanging material will be placed into the bottle. You may want to use one or two to tie the string, fishing line, or wire to. You can use three pieces of whatever material you are using to tie together to hang it on the hook. You can use the metal or plastic washers. I believe when it comes to hanging the plant holder, the metal washers will work better. You can find the washers any hardware store. Try finding them in bulk rather than prepackaged, they will be cheaper.

Hook for Hanging. A hook that will hold a hanging planter is what you will need. The hangers you can buy prepackaged since you will need less of them than the washers. That is if you are making just a few. If you are going to make quite a few for what ever reason, buying those in bulk may be cheaper for these too. A shepherd's hook yard ornament can be used if you prefer. I have seen people use those for this project.

Small Piece of Screen or Anti-Skid material. You will need this to place over the area where you are putting the plant in. This will keep the dirt and plant from falling through the hole.

Wire covering. (Optional if using the washers) You could use this instead of the washers. Just place them around the hole for the plant and the holes for hanging the plant. I would suggest using some small plastic
washers around the holes that are made for drainage.

Something to Punch Holes. This will need to be an item that will make at least a quarter inch hole for drainage. The holes for hanging the homemade upside down planter won't need to be much larger than the drain holes.

Glue or adhesive. A glue or adhesive that will hold the washers in place will do the trick.

How to Make the Two Liter Upside Down Hanger

Cut the pour area off even with the top of the plastic two liter bottle. By removing the neck, you will have an open area to place the plant in upside down.

Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle just above the grooves. This will allow you to put the potting soil in over the plant and to water your plant.

Poke the holes needed for drainage at least one inch away from the hole used for the plant. You will need to place some holes around the edge just above the curve in the top (which is now the bottom of the planter) for extra drainage. The holes for hanging the plant will need to be one to two inches from the top. This will help keep the planter from breaking where these holes are.

Take a large washer and glue it inside the bottle where the hole that is for planting. You could glue one on the outside to help protect the plant stalk. If you are using the smaller washers for the drain holes glue those on now.

Once the glue has set on the washers and plastic bottle, cut out a round piece of screen or anti skid material just smaller than the larger opening. Push that down into the bottle where the other opening is. You will need to cut a hole just smaller than that opening.

Place a small amount of potting soil into the bottle. Take the plant out of the container you bought it in and place it with the plant facing out of the smaller hole. Place the bottle between your knees or in a deep enough container to add more potting soil in the bottle. Be careful not to push the plant and roots back through the bottle.

Tie the strings on the top and attach to the washers. Tie three separate strings above the washer. Make a loop when tying the three strings together.

Attach the hook to an area where you are placing your homemade upside down planter on a beam of your deck. You can use a shepherd's hook if you prefer.

NOTE: Buckets with or without lids can be used in place of the two liter plastic bottles. If you are using lids, drill holes in the lid so the rain or other water can be let into the bucket. You can omit making a handle for this one. You will drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket large enough to place the plant into upside down.

If you are using a bucket larger than a gallon, you could drill the plant holes on the side and plant two plants in the holes on the sides. Drill smaller holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage if using this bucket method.

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