Monday, March 8, 2010

Party Platter on a budget

Beautiful 2 Tier Platter for less than $5!

•1 Dinner Plate found at dollar store or thrift store
•1 Sandwich Plate or Bowl ( smaller than the dinner plate ) Found at Dollar store or thrift store
•1 Candle Stick Holder somewhat matching the plates. Also found at Dollar store or thrift store.
•1 Tube of E-6000 ( found at Wal-Mart in the craft section )

(The E-6000 cost a bit more if you don't have it in your arsinal of glues)

1. Make sure that all three pieces are washed and dried.

2. Place the dinner plate on a flat surface, like the table.

3. Find the center of the dinner plate and place the candle stick upside down on the middle of the dinner plate. Carefully place a little E-6000 on the candle stick rim and place it back in the center of the dinner plate. The candle stick is the column between the two tiers. Let that dry in place for 1 hour.

4. Place the smaller plate or bowl on top of the candle stick holder, making sure to center the candle stick in the middle of smaller plate or bowl bottom. Now place a small amount of E-6000 onto the rim of the candle stick holder and replace the small plate or bowl, making sure it is centered properly.

5. Allow your 2-tier serving platter to dry for 24 hours before using. I advise hand washing instead of dish washing this platter.

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