Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet
A unique gift for Valentine's day or any special occasion. Perfect "Get Well" gift! Skip the "boring box of chocolates. Adults & kids, alike, will be thrilled with this Candy Bouquet.


•Container for bouquet... Floer pot, Vase, Mugs, Beer mugs (for men).. even a pretty bowl.
•Rocks or marbles from dollar store for the bottom (so it doesn’t tip over)
•Floral foam or Styrofoam
•Floral tape
•Glue gun
•Seasonal candy & lollipops
•Heart wire Garland


1.Glue or tape your candy to the skewer .

2.Cut 4 x 4 squares of the tulle. Use two pieces on top of each other and from the center grab the tulle to make a flower. Using the floral tape secure the tulle to the skewer. Make your skewers different lengths to get different heights. You will need quite a few. These are for filler.

3. Place something heavy like clean rocks or colored floral marbles at the bottom of your container. Place Styrofoam or floral foam over the rocks and secure with glue gun.

4.Begin in the back center of the Styrofoam with your tallest piece. Create and triangle shape. In other words, as you get near the edge of your pot use shorter skewers. Use as much candy as you like. Add heart shaped lollipops as well. Fill the rest of the spaces in between with your tulle.
5.You can use just about anything to fill in the spaces. Try using cellophane or even confetti paper or cut the garland & stick into styrofoam. Get creative with the event and use candy or paper that reflects your theme.

OR you can order a custom Graduation Candy Bouquet as a great centerpiece for your Graduation party. OR give as a gift & use floral picks it hold Money & add them to your bouquet.

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